iOS 7 Unveiled, Draws Elements from Android, webOS and Windows Phone

Apple just unveiled the new version of iOS at the WWDC 2013.  What I can say is that if you are an iOS device owner and wanted features that are only available on Android or Windows 7, and maybe some from webOS, then you will be happy to know that Apple’s iOS 7 took elements from those operating systems and incorporated them to the new iOS.  The overall design is now sleeker, and the new added features make iOS 7 much, much better.

The redesign of the iOS is too radical some might not notice it’s the same iOS from Apple.  A lot have changed to a point that iOS is almost unnoticeable.   But everything is for a better overall experience.  At least that’s what I’m expecting if I update my iPhone 5 to iOS 7.

There are too many changes and I might need to update this post to make sure the main features are covered but as a quick rundown, the new iOS 7 has a new swipe screen, new icon designs that are now flat, new card multitasking feature that looks like webOS, new Notification Center, new Control Center which shows oft-used settings and intelligent update scheduling for apps, just to name a few.


Here are the other updates on iOS 7:

  • There is also a new Safari browser that features full screen interface, smart search field, favorites, new tab view, parental controls and iCloud chain, just like the one featured on the desktop version of Safari.
  • There’s also Airdrop for iOS which will let users share files with just one tap. There is no need to bump phones.    This will be available on the iPhone 5 device only.
  • The new iOS 7 also has a new camera app with square shots that’s perfect for Instagram.  The app also now organizes shots based on the time they were taken in what Apple calls “moments”.
  • Siri has big improvements on iOS 7.  The app has a new interface and now has a male voice option.  Siri can now be used to update settings like adjust screen brightness.  It can also now search Twitter and Wikipedia.
  • The Music app also has a huge update. It now has iTunes Radio that can be used to discover music.  It has featured stations just like Pandora.

iOS 7 will be compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.  It will also work with iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 and also the iPad mini.  The new OS will also be compatible with the 5th generation iPod Touch.  As to availability, the iOS 7 is already available to developers but will not be available to the public for download until fall.

Here are screenshots showing iOS 7’s new features.

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