iPhone 5c Promo Video Tries to Convince us the Phone is Tough

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We all thought the iPhone 5c would be a cheap version of the iPhone that would be Apple’s answer to cheap Android phones.  I am sure the price announcement for the iPhone 5c left a lot of techies sad since it turned out that the phone is almost as expensive as the iPhone 5.  To be fair with Apple, the iPhone 5c did not skimp on specs and features, which somehow make the price tag reasonable.  In case you don’t know the pricing, the iPhone 5c is priced at $549 for the 16GB version and $649 for the 32GB version.


The iPhone 5c’s plastic enclosure is the phone’s main distinctive feature.  A lot of people actually like plastic. Just ask Samsung how popular its devices are.  And to be honest, the iPhone is becoming boring since the design has not been changed radically.  An addition of a few bright colors is one way of getting people interested in the iPhone again.  I just wish Apple would come up with something cheaper even at the expense of a few hardware features.

The promo video of the iPhone 5c shows us how the plastic enclosure is crafted and polished and is also meant to make us understand that although the phone has a plastic enclosure, it is tough and reinforced.  I just wish someone would do a drop test very soon so we can see how durable the iPhone 5c really is.

Watch this promo video for the iPhone 5c.

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