Motorola’s Project Ara Makes it Possible to Assemble Phone Parts Like Lego

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Motorola just unveiled Project Ara, a project which will make it possible to assemble phone parts the same way kids assemble Lego parts.  The idea is for different manufacturers of phone components and for users and the community to collaborate in order to come up with a phone design with parts that can be easily designed, and replaced of course.


With Project Ara, there will be an endoskeleton or “endo” which will function as the frame or the skeleton and there will be modules, which are the individual components like the camera, the processor, the storage, or what have you.


In concept this is a very practical approach to making phones as this will make upgrades and design changes as easy as changing batteries.  This will also eliminate the need to dispose phones when certain parts remain to function or when one wants to upgrade specific parts like the display or the camera.


Motorola will be working with PhoneBloks which actually has the same idea in how to make phones.  Watch the PhoneBloks videe below to know more about how this kind of system works.


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