YotaPhone, the E-Ink Android Phone

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A lot of smartphone users use their device as an ebook reader.  This is convenient but it also uses so much power.  The ideal ebook readers use E-ink displays like Amazon’s Kindles.  What if someone makes a smartphone with an E-ink display?  This idea is now a reality thanks to the YotaPhone.


The YotaPhone is an LTE Android smartphone with two displays.   The main display is a normal 4.3-inch colored LCD display with 720p resolution while the back has an E-ink display for when you want to read stuff instead.  The E-ink display offers always-on notifications and is capable of up to over 60 hours of e-book reading.


The YotaPhone is not cheap.  The first edition is priced at $675.  However, future versions are expected to be cheaper.

Here are the main specs of the YotaPhone.



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