Two Local Smartphone Brands Recognized as Strong Brands in Asia

Cherry-Mobile-logoStarmobile logo

Local smartphone makers Cherry Mobile and Starmobile were two of 15 brands recognized as strong contenders from Asia, to make their mark in the world. These brands are all popular in their respective countries, slowly closing the gap between them and Samsung (and to some extent, Apple).

The other contenders include China’s Xiaomi, Coolpad, and Oppo; India’s Micromax, Karbonn, and Xolo; Pakistan’s  Q Mobile; Indonesia’s Smartfen, Cyrus and Mito; Malaysia’s Ninetology; Thailand’s I-Mobile; and Vietnam’s FPT.

Besides Xiaomi, Coolpad, Oppo and Karbonn, I have no idea about the other brands on this list. But I am certainly proud that two of our own made the it and were considered strong challengers in their own right.

Source Tech In Asia

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  1. Maria Glory Q Galleto Reply

    Not reliable then @ TechnoBaboy, myphone comes first for filipinos..

  2. TechnoBaboy Reply

    According to a survey made by Jana, Cherry goes first, Starmobile 2nd, with myphone a close 3rd.

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