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We all remember Flappy Bird – that notoriously difficult bird game. It’s creator, Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen, recently released a new game called Swing Copters – and, surprise surprise, its even more difficult.

Swing Copters is a free game that follows an 8-bit styling similar to Flappy Bird. In the game, you control a small character wearing a helicopter helmet. While he continuously fly upward, tapping on the screen will make him go the opposite direction to avoid swinging hammers. It took me awhile to figure out how it works, and when I finally realized how to control that sucker, I promptly hit one of the hammers. This definitely ranks high on my list of frustrating games. I will try playing the game further, or until my blood pressure gives out.

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BTW, my best score has improved to 2. Swing Copters is available in both the iTunes Appstore and Google Play.

Google Play – Swing Copters | iTunes Appstore – Swing Copters



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