Pokemon Go: It Came and Went

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The much awaited game Pokemon Go launched a couple of days ago in select countries. My Facebook feed was flooded with screenshots of captured Pokemon. It was a fun game, until game maker Niantic blocked Pinoy users from its servers.

PH Users Blocked

Philippine Pokemon trainers had a chance to play the game for a day before it was found out and blocked. For Android users, the game’s APK was uploaded online a few hours after it was released. This was quickly discovered by eager Pinoy fans as they found ways to install the game on their smartphones.

Pokemon Go
Sadly, it’s still blocked

The game won’t be blocked forever though, as I’m sure Niantic has the Philippines (and the rest of the world ) scheduled in the release. For all we know, the release could be close, especially since they saw the Pinoy Pokemon fanbase’s reaction to the game.

For now, Pokemon Go is available only in New Zealand, Australia, and the US.  Canada, Europe, and South America will be added soon.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play game  with an option for in-app purchases. Players act as Pokemon Trainers on a mission to fill the Pokedex, a database for Pokemon. Here, you use your phone and, through the magic of augmented reality, allow you to walk around your neighborhood to capture and collect as many Pokemon as you can.

Pokemon go

Like most everyone, I am excited to try the game. I was a bit late to get on board, but at least I was able to make an account. I even have a Bulbasaur, which I captured through the tutorial.

For more information about the game, check out the source link at the end of this post. For Android users, you can click here. iOS users can go here.

If you’re using a compatible Android device and would still want to give it a go, you can install it via downloading the APK here at your own risk. You have to enable installing from Unknown Sources under Settings to do it (again, at your own risk).

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