Microsoft unveils Windows 10; skips 9


Microsoft recently unveiled Windows 10, their newest operating system. Whatever the reason they had for skipping 9, the newest version brought back some key elements that was removed from Windows 8 desktop. For starters, the Start Menu is back albeit with a more modern “Metro” look. And it looks like its more robust with the integrated resizeable tiles and icons.


Even though the return of the Start Menu definitely puts the the mouse and keyboard back with great consideration, the new OS is still touch friendly. The Charms bar is still there. And they included something they call Continuum. This allows the UI to switch between a touch based system to a keyboard based one. Pretty useful if say you were using a hybrid tablet/laptop. I guess this is a good indication that they will approach various hardware/device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, hybrid) with an adapted version of the UI, while still sporting a unified Windows 10 look.

Now if you are excited about all this then you might be let down. We won’t be seeing a retail Windows 10 for awhile because according to MS, the final build of the Windows 10 will be out sometime in 2015. That’s still a long ways off. Expect elements of the OS to still change until then.

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