Toshiba shows off camera modules for Project Ara

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Remember Project Ara? The modular smartphone wherein you can mix and match different parts? Well, according to some news reports, Google’s still-in-development project may show up in this year’s Mobile World Congress, and it may involve demos plus a bunch of different swappable modules from a variety of manufacturers.

To make matters more interesting, it looks like Japan based company, Toshiba, recently showcased three camera parts for Project Ara – a 2MP front-facing one, and a 5MP and 13MP rear positioned one. According to Toshiba’s three year development plans, the parts are expected to go into mass production and become available sometime next year.

As you can see in the image below, the modules measures in at 20mm x 4omm x 7.1mm. The 13MP sensor has is 1.12um in size, while the 5MP is 1.4um .


Unfortunately, no other details about the camera modules are available. Hopefully we’ll know more about it if or when Project Ara shows up at MWC 2015 with modules in tow.

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