This is a little different from our usual device-driven posts. I saw it on my wall and thought, “Hey, this looks cool.” It’s still a bit tech-related though, but its about J Lo’s dress. 2015-03-22 21-50-55

In a surprising use of fashion and technology, Jennifer Lopez’s “animated dress” stole the show in her performance in American Idol XIV. While singing her latest single “Feel the Light,” what looked like an ordinary white dress started to display different animations of stars, lights and even clips from Dreamworks latest animated flick, Home. 2015-03-22 21-53-11

It looks as though the animations were being projected from underneath, which could explain why she didn’t move around while performing. Regardless of how it was done, the visuals did its job. The results were beautiful as it wowed the crowd. 2015-03-22 21-55-12

The images wouldn’t do the tech savvy dress and visual performance justice. You need to watch the video to really appreciate what was happening. Click on the YouTube link below to watch J Lo’s dress in action.

YouTube: Jennifer Lopez: “Feel the Light” – AMERICAN IDOL XIV

(Images from YouTube)



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