An Iron Man edition of Samsung’s latest and greatest was teased a few weeks back, and now its official. The Korean tech giant announces the arrival of the Galaxy S6 Iron Man Limited Edition. Too bad its only available in select markets in very limited quantities.

galaxy-s6-edge-iron-man-limited-edition-1 galaxy-s6-edge-iron-man-limited-edition-2

The variant is the result of the Samsung-Marvel partnership. The Iron Man Limited Edition Galaxy S6 is meant as a “celebration of the technological innovation and creative visual storytelling in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Aside from the color, the Iron Man version is the same as any other 64GB Galaxy S6 Edge inside. The gold and red smartphone comes in a special themed box, and is packaged with a cool Arc Reactor wireless charger, and a clear cover.


Only 1,000 units will be sold. SRP in Korea is a reported KRW 1,199,000 or around PHP 48,500. It will be released first in South Korea tomorrow, and then followed by Hong Kong and China in June.



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