Watch Netflix with PLDT Home and Smart; What’s it like so far

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Here’s more good news caused by the availability of Netflix in the Philippines. PLDT HOME Fibr, DSL, Ultera, and Smart subscribers can now access their service.


PLDT, Smart and Netflix

If you still don’t have an Internet connection at home, why not give PLDT HOME broadband a shot. You can watch Netflix seamlessly through PLDT HOME Fibr which delivers speeds of up to 1GBps with plans as low as P1,899 per month. It even comes with a free TVolution stick.

If that option is not available for any reason, you could also watch Netflix with Smart Bro. Their Plan 799 can connect the free 4G pocket Wi-Fi to up to ten devices. It comes with a 4.5GB monthly data allocation while prepaid kits are available for only P1,495 which comes with 350MB data allocation for per month for three months.

“We recently increased the speeds of all Fibr plans while we continuously deploy more LTE sites for wider coverage in anticipation of customers’ growing appetite for bandwidth heavy apps like video streaming. The enhanced availability of Netflix in the Philippines will add to the growing range of compelling content that people can easily access through the robust and extensive fixed line and wireless networks of PLDT and Smart,” said  Ariel P. Fermin, Head of PLDT and Smart EVP and Consumer Business Group.

Looks like the availability of Netflix to almost everyone had a positive effect on our telco industry.

What’s it like to watch Netflix in the Philippines so far 

I have been watching videos on Netflix for the past couple of days now. The experience has been very good so far. I am on PLDT HOME Plan 1299 (that’s the “Up to 2MBps” plan that comes with a landline).

With my connection, video streaming quality is good. It starts with standard quality for a few seconds and then it goes to 720p as it catches up. Audio is good as well. It takes a few seconds to load each video though. There are times when quality suddenly becomes lower. That often happens when one of my kids fire up YouTube on their devices.

But, so far so good. It runs well and I like the shows that are available. Maybe its the allure of the Netflix brand that got me interested. I’ll let you know after a few months.

Those interested in subscribing to Netflix can choose from three plans starting at P370 per month for the Basic Plan. Users automatically get one free month after sign-up. Subscribers of Standard (P460/month) and Premium (P550/month) Plans get additional viewing screens and HD and Ultra HD viewing options.

To get started on Netflix in the Philippines, log on to

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