How to customize the Google search bar widget

On my Android phone, one of my most used widget is the Google Search Bar. I use it for almost all searches, local or web. It’s accessible and fast.

My only gripe about it is how it looks. Its a big white bar with curved corners that doesn’t go with the current theme of my phone.

Recently, I found out that you can actually customize the widget based on your taste. You can change the shape, the logo, and the color. I googled it and apparently its been there since last year. And I only noticed it now.

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Anyway, there are four customization options — you can change the Google logo, the shape of the bar, the color, and the transparency.

google search bar

Here are the steps to change the look of the Google Search Bar widget.

  1. Open the Google Search app.
  2. Tap “More.”
  3. Tap “Customize Widget.”
  4. Change the options you want.
  5. Don’t forget to tap “done” to set the options.
google search bar
I changed it to black to match my wallpaper.

That’s it. Its not a deep customization like the ones you can get on third party launchers, but its good enough for me.

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