New ‘care’ reaction coming soon to Facebook like button

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Facebook recently released a new “care” reaction which you can choose to show support when you tap on the like button. The reaction icon shows a smiley face hugging a heart. Facebook says we can start using the new icon sometime next week.

Interestingly, Facebook used a different icon on the Messenger app which uses a beating heart instead. You can choose to use the new reaction icon by pressing and holding the old heart reaction.

Facebook, together with other online services like Netflix and YouTube, is seeing a surge of usage as people stay in their homes and flock to the Internet because of social distancing, and in the case of the Philippines, because of the enhanced community quarantine.

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Apart from the new reactions, Facebook has previously started putting anti-misinformation messages on the News Feeds of users who have shared false coronavirus posts.

Facebook hopes the new reactions will help people feel more connected with friends and family during these times.


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