Google’s Year in Search shows what Filipinos were googling in 2020

Google has released its top trending searches in the Philippines for 2020. Unsurprisingly, Filipinos searched about the coronavirus, the US elections, and the NBA.

According to Google, the top trending searches are searches that had a high spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2020 as compared to 2019. It also gives us a snapshot of what the year was like. And quite frankly, it shows what many of us already know — that 2020 is an awful year.

As one might expect, searches about the coronavirus and its effects were a plenty. Given how the pandemic ravaged the world that came to a grinding halt. It has affected and taken many lives without abandon. It is still affecting us now and will most likely continue to do so in the coming year.

The US elections has also piqued the interest of Filipinos. The whole world is watching how the drama unfolds as Donald Trump and Joe Biden battle each other for the presidency and democracy. I admit that I too was entranced and actively followed the drama.

Its not surprising that we also have a lot of NBA related searches. Filipinos love for basketball shows and its one of the bright spots of 2020. Especially interesting was how the league handled this year, continuing to play the post season inside a bubble. NBA related searches include the NBA score and Lakers vs Heat because of the NBA finals, and one sad moment when we lost NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

Another interesting trend was dalgona coffee. Searches peaked sometime between March and April, and continued on throughout the middle of the year. I’m sure you’ve come across it on Facebook and Instagram at one point.

So, that’s 2020 in the Philippines in a nutshell as told by Google search. Hopefully, it gets better next year.

Overall Trending Searches in the Philippines

  1. US election 2020
  2. NBA score
  3. coronavirus
  4. DepEd Commons
  5. Taal Volcano
  6. NBA schedule
  7. Kobe Bryant
  8. Lakers vs Heat
  9. first day of school

Top News Searches in the Philippines

  1. US election 2020
  2. coronavirus
  3. Taal Volcano
  4. first day of school
  6. Kim Jong Un
  7. Joe Biden
  8. hantavirus
  9. SSS calamity loan
  10. Typhoon Ulysses

To How To Searches in the Philippines

  1. How to make dalgona coffee?
  2. How to wear a surgical mask?
  3. How to compute for BMI?
  4. How to boost the immune system?
  5. How to make leche flan?
  6. How to divide fractions?
  7. How to solve quadratic equations?
  8. How to make pancakes?
  9. How to apply an SSS calamity loan online?
  10. How to prevent COVID-19?
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