TL;DR: Smart ALL DATA prepaid promo offers more data at affordable prices.

Smart Communications silently rolled out a new prepaid promo that’s only for mobile Internet data. The new Smart ALL DATA is available on the GigaLife app.

The promo was spotted by Peter from GizGuide, who also graciously gave us a heads up of its availability.

Smart’s ALL DATA may not yet be available to everyone. We checked on our GigaLife app and it did not pop up for us and its not on the *123# menus yet. Still, we at least know its coming soon.

Smart ALL DATA prepaid promo

The new prepaid promo is a great option for those who rely more on Internet mobile data and rarely use calls and text credits. Smart’s new ALL DATA comes in three flavors:

  • ALL DATA 50
    2GB All access, shareable Internet data
    Php 50, 3 day validity
  • ALL DATA 99
    6GB All access, shareable Internet data
    Php 99, 7 day validity
  • ALL DATA 299
    24GB All access, shareable Internet data
    Php 299, 30 day validity

How to subscribe to Smart ALL DATA prepaid promo

For now, the Smart ALL DATA prepaid promo is available on the Smart GigaLife app. Make sure you have load credits before you proceed.

  1. Log on to the Smart GigaLife app.
  2. A pop-up will inform you that the promo is available to you. Choose “I want ALL DATA” to proceed.
  3. Select the desired ALL DATA promo.

For the complete list of Smart prepaid promos, you can visit our article here. For Globe, go here.

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  1. john cangson Reply

    hi, are “All Data” balance stackable? or the unused data will be lost after expiry even if i renew it ahead of time?

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      I have not tried stacking them. I assumed that they will be presented in “different buckets” on the GigaLife app with each their own expiration date. You can try Magic Data. It doesn’t have any expiration date.

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      No, it doesn’t refill. The allocation is for the duration of the validity period.

  2. The issue that I have experienced today on the Giga life app is that the All Data promo popped up however when I press the I want All Data option Magic Data is the one that is showing up insteas of the more cheaper All Data. Please explain this?

  3. Hi, the pop up of all data showed at my gigalife for the last 2 days. Today I want to avail but it does not popping up.

  4. John Roderick Reply

    The “ALL DATA 50, 99, and 299” was replaced today
    with “MAGIC DATA” when I checked the GigaLife app. I saw the ALL DATA promo yesterday at morning and subscribed to ALL DATA 99.

    Fortunately if you have subscribed yesterday to any one of the ALL DATA promos, you can always renew it (I’ve done it today but since I was subbed to 99, that’s the only ALL DATA I can renew).

    But sadly, either GigaLife app and dialing ‘*123# don’t have the ALL DATA option yet.

  5. Chelsea Duncan Reply

    Hi, I’ve seen the pop-up and had to exit before but I’m wanting to avail now and can’t get the pop up to show up again. Any tips how to subscribe?

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      For now, that’s the only way we know of to avail it. You may want to give *123# a try, in case Smart updated the menu.

      • I’ve been waiting the pop up of all data 99 but now where is it?

        • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

          Unfortunately, its not popping up for everyone.

        • guys, sad to say but said alldata promo no longer available.. magicdata will pop up instead on gigalife app. 399 / 24GB no expiry.. 🙄

  6. Thank you so much for this information! This is really helpful for my online class! :)

    • Rosemarie Pecua Reply

      I likt this promo however it is not yet showing in my app. please check if you can do something

  7. Karen Rafol Reply

    Hi. Does the data accumulate when you top up or subscribe to another promo even if you don’t use up all your gb?

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      As far as I can tell, you can use multiple data promos. The first data promo you inputted will be consumed first, before moving to the other promo. And each data promo availed will follow their own expiration dates.

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