Smart Magic Data is an all mobile data prepaid promo with no expiration date.

Smart quietly unveiled another value-laden prepaid promo called Magic Data. The new offering comes with an all mobile data allocation with no expiration date, available only on the Smart GigaLife app.

We were alerted of the new prepaid promo by Peter of GizGuide, who informed us of its availability, and by our readers, who commented that it was popping up on their GigaLife app, instead of Smart All-data.

Nevertheless, it appears that not everyone will have access to it (again).

Smart Magic Data prepaid promo

The new data promo is a great option for those who need a lot of data without worrying about it expiring. It’s highly likely that it can be stacked, so that’s even better.

Smart Magic Data comes in three variations:

    2GB All access mobile Internet data
    Php 99, No expiration
  • MAGIC DATA 199
    6GB All access mobile Internet data
    Php 199, No expiration
  • MAGIC DATA 399
    24GB All access mobile Internet data
    Php 399, No expiration

How to subscribe to Smart ALL DATA prepaid promo

For now, the Smart ALL DATA prepaid promo is available on the Smart GigaLife app. Make sure you have load credits before you proceed.

  1. Log in to the Smart GigaLife app.
  2. A pop-up will inform you that the promo is available to you. Choose “I want MAGIC DATA” to proceed.
  3. Select the desired MAGIC DATA promo.

For the complete list of Smart prepaid promos, you can visit our article here. For Globe, go here.

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  1. Boss bryan, pwede ba magamit ung smart magic data kapag naka roaming ung simcard?to use ung magic data abroad? Salamats

    Isa pa, ang txtipd100 ko,mga instructions nasusunod on how to use it,pero 10pesos per tx prn,hndi nagagamit/nagana ung txtipid na 2pesos per tx. confirmed nmn na registerd ang txtipid ko

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      As far as I know, hindi. Sa PH lang ang magic data. Smart GigaRoam ang data for roaming.

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      Ibang data promo? Hindi. As far as I know, first in first out ang consumption ng data.

  2. Angenes Cachuela Reply

    1st time ko po magsubscribe ng magic data..yung 99 po inavail ko so 2gb po un..pano po masasabing no expiry?nababawasan po ung data mb eh..pano po pag naubos ung data?wala na po?.

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      Mga prepaid promos ng Smart usually good for 1, 3, 7, or 30 days. For the MB an nababawas, most cases dyan mga background processes like FB, Messenger, Instagram, Google, etc. Pa check mo nalang yun sa Smart if mabilis mashado para makita nila if meron issue or not.

      • puede ba combine unli Allnet Calls & Texts 60 days with Magic Data e.g. 48GB? will it work at the same time?

        • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

          As far as I know, it will with calls and text prepaid promos. It won’t work with other data promos.

      • Ruel alejado Reply

        Pano po kung na ubos ko ang data ko na 2gb sa isang araw tapos gamit ko ay magic data 99 makaka gamit paba ako ng data or wala na ? Or nag rerefresh ba data ko .pano po yun ?

        • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

          You only get 2GB data. Kapag na fully consume mo na yun, wala na data connection. You would need to re-avail again. Hindi sya nag rerefresh.

    • Leo Panxo Gomez Reply

      Once na mag gamit ka ng Data connection , lahat ng mga apps mo na naka push email or push notifications, kumakain ng data yon. better to turn off mo data kapag hindi mo gagamitin. Other way is deactivate ang lahat ng push notifications and other apps na meron ganon. Gamit ka rin ng data saver or mag set ka ng data limit para alam mo kung hanggang saan lang yung data na puwede mo magamit for a certain period. halos lahat ng smartphone meron na ganon settings. hope nakatulong . Stay safe

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      I am not sure if it is still available. You can check if its on the GigaLife app.

      • Jerlyn Ayan Reply

        hi. pwede ko ba icancel Ang magic data. (no need to refund). Hindi pala kasi nya kayang mag download sa Netflix.. thanks..

        • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

          As far as I know, you can’t. Just consume the data nalang.

      • Ryle Saneaxn Reply

        Boss, kapag po may shareable data pa po ako then nag-register po ako ng magic data. Mag-eexpire pa rin po ba shareable data ko sa araw na nakatakda?

        • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

          Yes. The two data promos will have separate expiration dates. Yung shareable data mo will expire sa kung ano man ang nakatakda. Yung magic data walang expiration date.

          You can see more details of the promos you have availed, including the expiration dates, on the GigaLife App. Go to the prepaid number of your choice, then tap “check usage”.

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      It works on Smart Prepaid SIM cards, regardless of connection.

      • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

        Magic Data has no expiration date. Kapag na notice mo nababawasan data, turn it off when not in use. Some apps such as FB, IG, Google, etc. run as background and consume data.

  3. Hello po yung famload999 ko is mag eexpire bukas with 55gb remaining then gusto ko sana e extend, then yung ipalod ko is magic data, mae-extend po ba kaya yung famload ko?

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      As far as I know, mag hiwalay ang expiration ng dalawang promo. You can see it sa GigaLife app na magkahiwalay na buckets.

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      Magic Data has all access data so it should work with ML.

    • I already tried magic data promo,ung 99 pesos nasayang lang Pera ko
      1 day lang tapos wala na 🤦🤦 magic nga talaga

  4. Tried the magic data. It can’t access wild rift. Also could not answer calls in messenger :(

    • Ebo Abrajan Reply

      na try ko to…. pero hanggang 4days lang siya…. nag message siya sa akin na i inly have 50mb left

  5. Hi, magta-top up po ba ang data ng all data at magic data? Since all data has its expiry; I still have 8gb na ma-eexpire in a few days,if mgsubscribe po ba ako ng Magic data, will it add ba? Then wala ng expiry? Ganun po ba?

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      As far as I know, ang walang expiry lang is the Magic Data. Regular expiry ang other data. I think you can see it sa GigaLife app.

      • What I mean po is, magttop up po at mwawala din expiry ng existing data ko if mgsubs ako ng Magic data over sa All data?

        Kasi diba po, pag ngload ka over sa existing, napapalitan ng data of expiry, nagiging kung kelan na yung pagtop up. Pano po pag ang tinop up is Magic data?

        • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

          Sa pagka alam ko, each prepaid promo will follow its own expiry date. Makikita yun sa gigalife app. Yung data from Magic data walang expiry. Yung All Data masusunod pa din expiry nya. Kahit sabay sya na register. Sa pag consume ng data, kung sino naunang na register, yun muna magagamit na data.

  6. Kapag po ba magregister ako sa magic data muna tapos nagregister din ako sa wildrift10 or codm10, mababawasan po ba yung sa magic data kung maglalaro ako ng wildrift or codm?

  7. Is it okay to use magic data from pldt modem? Malakas pa rin ba signal niya?

    • Raiquia Arbiter Reply

      Seconded question po, pwede po kaya ito ilagay sa pldt prepaid wifi?

      • Anyone tried loading magic data firat and then loading giga promos? If so does magic data gets consumed or the giga promo first?

        • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

          I think data consumption is first-in-first-out. You’ll likely consume the promo that you entered first.

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      Yes. The data is open access and should be good for all online activities.

    • Naubos na magic data ko 6g na hndi pa 1month, rereset ba or mag’regiter ulit?

      • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

        Best to check with Smart so they can see sa system nila what consumed the data. Did you leave mobile data on? If so, likely na consume sya ng mga background processes that need data connection.

  8. Ung 24 gb ba pwede gamitin kung may dinadownload ka like movies? Kasi nag try ako parang hindi naman gumagana sa pag download ng movies

    • Hi Pano po palitan yung Magic data 99 to Magic data 399? Zero data na kasi ako tapos hindi parin nag stop yung subscription

    • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

      Closing and opening the GigaLife app makes it pop up again for me. Your mileage may vary.

  9. Jamelester Reply

    Corny naman ng smart mag reregister na sana ako eh di ko din kasi magamit yung gomo

    • Buti nga sa prepaid mukhang masmaganda pa offer yung freedom plan ko na parang prepaid naman wala maganda offer. Si Gomo kasi pawala wala connection.

    • Marie Criste Reply

      How does smart magic data works? For example ba 2gb Magic Data 99, tas pag na consume mo na lahat ng 2gb data limit mo, yun na yun?

      • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

        Yes. You get 2GB with no expiry for Php 99 under Magic Data 99. Kapag naubos ang 2GB, need na mag renew or mag avail ulit.

    • Question, what if I avail Gigastudy with 4gb open access data and magic data 99 with 2gb data, will my 6gb open access data follow the no expiry rule? Or what is the rule kapag ganyan? Mag eexpire din ba ang 4gb kahit di nagamit?

      Follow up question po. May data roll over po ba ang Giga Promo?


      • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

        If you see on the GigaLife app, each promo will have its own expiry. Magic data has no expiry, but Gigastudy has. Also, consumption will be “first-in-first-out”, meaning you will consume the promo you input first, followed by the next.

  10. Mag register sana ako kaso nawala yung button napalitan ng all out data

  11. Hindi na lumabas ulit yung pop up sa GigaLife app. Hindi ako makapagregister.

    • All data includes youtube and video related ones?
      I availed of the 199 one.. no expiry…when it reached na the limit of 6gb…thats when it stops..tama po ba intindi ko?thanks po

      • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

        Yes, once you consume the allocated GB, that’s it.

        • if mag-add ako ng another magic data 399 over sa existing kong same subscription; mag-add ba sya like 24gb tapos another subscription maging 48gb magic data subscription ba ako?

          • Bryan Rilloraza Reply

            As far as I know, it will add. Pero likely first in first out ang consumption.

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