Over 870,000 Filipino accounts included in FB data breach

TL;DR: Over 870,000 Facebook accounts from the data breach are owned by Filipinos.

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has reached out to Facebook Philippines to validate information that says 879,699 Facebook accounts from the reported data breach are Filipino-owned.

Recently, data of over 533 million Facebook accounts that leaked way back in 2019 have resurfaced. It had detailed account information that included complete names, birthdays, countries of origin, email addresses, phone numbers, and even relationship statuses.

The NPC was quick to take action, reaching out to Facebook Philippines’ Data Privacy Officer to get more information about the situation.

This is a cause of alarm, considering the amount of data the social networking site collects from its users.

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For now, it’s best to just change your password. Check out our tutorial on how to do it. And to add an extra layer of security, be sure to activate two-factor authentication as well.

You can also find out if you are part of the leaked Facebook dataset by going to Have I Been Pwned? to check for vulnerabilities.

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