Get up to 6K off on this iPhone promo until August 15

If you’re still pining for a new iPhone, then this may be your chance to get one. Digital Walker is offering the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE, and iPhone XR at discounted rates of up to Php 6,000 off. Each purchase will also come with a freebie.

The promo runs until August 15, 2021. That means you still have time to think this through. Pricing per item are as follows:

iPhone 12

iPhone 12Retail PricePromo Price24 mo. Installment
64GBPhp 50,990Php 44,990Php 1,874.58
128GBPhp 53,990Php 48,990Php 2,041.25
256GBPhp 59,990Php 53,990Php 2,249.58

iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 miniRetail PricePromo Price24 mo. Installment
64GBPhp 44,990Php 39,990Php 1,666.25
128GBPhp 47,990Php 42,990Php 1,791.25
256GBPhp 53,990Php 48,990Php 2,041.25

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iPhone SE

iPhone SERetail PricePromo Price24 mo. Installment
64GBPhp 27,490Php 22,490Php 937.08
128GBPhp 31,990Php 26,990Php 1,124.58
256GBPhp 37,990Php 32,990Php 1,374.58

iPhone XR

iPhone SERetail PricePromo Price24 mo. Installment
128GBPhp 34,990Php 29,990Php 1,249.58

The 24-month 0% interest installment is exclusive to Metrobank, BPI, and HSBC credit cardholders. It is also available with 3 / 6 / 12 months installment with Metrobank, BPI, HSBC, BDO, Unionbank, Eastwest, and PNB.

The promo is available at and Digital Walker stores, and Beyond the Box stores, Beyond the Box LazMall, and Beyond the Box Shopee Mall.

Should you buy a new iPhone this time of the year?

Whether or not you should buy a new iPhone is totally up to you. If you are like me, budget is the main factor going forward. The promo does offer a sizeable discount with freebies.

But do consider the following:

  • Based on past releases, the next iPhone family (iPhone 13?) is probably going to be announced this year (Q4 2021). The difference between the current and the incoming models is likely going to be more internal upgrades.
  • For the iPhone SE, a new model is rumored to come out in early 2022.
  • As for iPhone XR, it is still available as Apple’s midrange offering at the time of this article. This is the late 2020 model with the updated compact box, a USB-C to Lightning cable, and no charger.

Source Digital Walker Instagram

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