5 mobile apps that promote wellness

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The growth of digital platforms allows people to access a wide array of content, services, and needs right at their fingertips. For example, the tangible work essentials translated into helpful digital tools that make working from home more efficient and conducive. Retail became more accessible through online shopping platforms that sell everything under the sun. In addition, healthcare is within a few clicks as teleconsultation sites are available.

With all the chaos present in the world right now, wellness applications have become vital for many to continue with their lives. Because your well-being is crucial for accomplishing your tasks, reaching your goals, and living life to the fullest, it is essential to keep it in check every day.

Here are five wellness applications that help you take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The current pandemic has affected people’s wellness. With everyone staying at home, the usual meditation methods, relaxing, and reconnecting with one’s inner self have changed. That said, Headspace is an application that lets you do all these things right in the comfort of your home.

Headspace hosts hundreds of sessions covering how to overcome anxiety, stress, sleep problems, and lack of focus. There are also sessions made for meditating at home effectively. Each session lasts 10 minutes, so you can squeeze in one or two sessions in your work schedule. The portability of this app makes it possible for people living in places like an apartment for rent Iloilo and an Iloilo condominium to unwind in their balconies or bedrooms.


Another mental health app you should download is MyPossibleSelf. This app offers features that help you regulate your behavioral patterns and anxiety and stress triggers. 

MyPossibleSelf is useful in breaking bad habits and gradually getting back on your feet. Such a program is excellent for metro dwellers, such as residents of a house for rent in Bacolod, to protect their peace and sanity amid living in a busy city.


With gyms closing due to the pandemic, working out moved indoors and in nature. Apps such as Strava brings out the athlete in you as it helps you track how many steps you’ve strolled and how many kilometers you’ve run, jogged, biked, or swam. You’ll track your progress and tailor your workout routine to suit your goals.

Strava also has social-media-like features that let you contact friends and work out or compete with them. You and your neighbors can use the app to work out together, keep track of each other’s progress, and encourage them to do their best.


For people who get their monthly periods, it can be a hassle when it arrives too early than expected or does not arrive at all. Clue is an app that you know when you’ll have the first day of your period potentially. The app also lets you record your mood, pains, cravings, skin condition, bowel movement, hours of sleep, and other details to track and predict your period.

Clue also has a timeline of when your fertility window will begin and when your next period will potentially arrive. Apps such as this help you look after your reproductive health and schedule your rest day to recover from the pains, cravings, and PMS.

Sleep Cycle

Need to fix your body clock and sleeping schedule? Then Sleep Cycle is the app for you! It lets you analyze your sleep patterns and learn how you’ll adjust your sleeping habits into a healthier cycle. The app also has an alarm that wakes you up at the best time. 

Sleep Cycle is an excellent app for light sleepers and people having a hard time getting a good night’s rest. A complete sleep cycle is crucial for a strong immune system, balanced mood, and healthy cognitive function.

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Our approach to health and wellness has changed and moved into the digital realm. These five apps help people take care of themselves and assess if they’ll need professional help in the future right at the comforts of their homes.

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