When it comes to the security of apps, Apple usually has Google beat. The App Store is usually more secure, but recently, a security research report discovered that these apps on the MacOS App Store contains malware.

The compromised apps have since been removed by Apple, so the risk of anyone downloading it has significantly decreased, but those who currently have them on their devices are advised to delete them immediately.

The apps involved are the following:

  • PDF Reader for Adobe PDF Files (Sunnet Technology Inc.)
  • Word Writer Pro (Netozo Limited)
  • Screen Recorder (Safeharbor Technology L Ltd.)
  • Webcam Expert (Wildfire Technology Inc.)
  • Streaming Browser Video Player (Boulevard Technology Ltd.)
  • PDF Editor for Adobe Files (Polarnet Limited)
  • PDF Reader (Xu Lu, apparently associated with Sunnet Technology Inc.)

According to Lifehacker, these apps are quite popular, belonging to the Top 100 most downloaded apps in the US. So again, delete these immediately if you have them on your Mac.

What’s more worrying is the fact that malware-infested apps have begun popping up in even the most secure app stores, which means that developers are becoming more adept at circumventing the checks placed by Google and Apple.

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The big lesson here, of course, is to be wary of downloading unknown apps from any app store. Just because it’s highly rated and high on the ranks, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Check out its reviews and read even low-listed comments because there are fakes.

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