How to quickly disable ads on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO phone

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Xiaomi offers affordable smartphones with higher spec sheets than most devices within the same price range. They often have razer thin margins which means they don’t make as much money on their devices. To make up for this, they find other ways to generate revenue. And one of those ways is by showing ads.

Ads on Xiaomi devices (including Redmi and POCO) is what keeps the phones affordable. You can find them their products running MIUI across all price ranges, from entry level and all the way up to more expensive phones (I’ve seen it pop up on a Xiaomi 12).

If you’re one who don’t like to see ads on your MIUI device, there is a way to limit it from showing up.

Remove ads by disabling the MSA app

MSA stands for MIUI System Ads. It is responsible for pushing ads on MIUI devices, often seen on notification drawers. It is a system app, which means it cannot be disabled or deleted.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Passwords & security.
  3. Go to Authorization & revocation.
  4. Look for MS and toggle it off.

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Some of MIUI apps also show ads when you use them. In this case, you can disable it per app. Usually, you can find it the settings of the affected app, either as Show Ads or Ad Services.

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