Digital Walker drops the price of the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 mini

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Now is probably the best time to get that iPhone you’ve been eyeing.

Digital Walker cuts the prices of the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and 13 iPhone mini in the Philippines. The iPhones are available in Digital Walker stores nationwide.

The massive discounts come as the new iPhone 14 series will soon make its way to the country. Each purchase comes with a free case from among these participating brands — Body Guardz, Incipio, Lander, or Speck.

Take note that Apple officially has ended the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max and has been taken down from their website. However, these two are still one of the most powerful smartphones, compared to their Android counterparts.

The prices for all current iPads and iPad Pros remain unchanged. You can find the price list here.

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Check out the iPhone 13 Series price lists below.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

UnitPrice (Php)Cash Price (Php)24/0 Installment (Php)
128GB75,99066,4902,916.25 /month
256GB82,99072,1903,166.2 /month
512GB96,99083,5903,666.25 /month
1TB109,99094,9904,166.25 /month

iPhone 13 Pro

UnitPrice (Php)Cash Price (Php)24/0 Installment (Php)
128GB68,99059,8902,624.58 /month
256GB75,99066,4902,916.25 /month
512GB89,99077,8903,416.25 /month
1TB103,99090,2903,957.92 /month

iPhone 13

UnitPrice (Php)Cash Price (Php)24/0 Installment (Php)
128GB54,99049,390.502,166.25 /month
256GB61,99056,040.502,457.92 /month
512GB74,99068,390.502,999.58 /month

iPhone 13 mini

UnitPrice (Php)Cash Price (Php)24/0 Installment (Php)
128GB50,99042,740.501,874.58 /month
256GB57,99049,865.502,187.08 /month
512GB68,99062,215.502,728.75 /month

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