Netflix to upgrade Basic Plan to 720p HD resolution next month

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As Netflix announces its new ad-supported plan, the streaming giant also upgrades its Basic Plan to soon stream in 720p resolution video quality starting in November.

Having a 720p resolution will make the Basic Plan more valuable (and more palatable, in my opinion). Previously, its video quality was set to 480p or SD resolution, which is okay. The upgrade definitely improves the viewing experience by a big margin.

In the Philippines, the Basic Plan is priced at PHP 369 per month. It’s the second most affordable plan after the tablet-or-phone-only Mobile Plan at PHP 149 per month.

Everything else about the Basic Plan will remain the same. You get ad-free TV shows and movies supporting only one device or one user at any given point. Downloads are also limited to one user.

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You can check out Netflix’s plans that are available to Philippine users here. The streaming company’s ad-supported plans called Basic with Ads, is only limited to 12 countries. Whether or not it will be available elsewhere will rely on its success there.

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