LIST: iPhone and iPad price list in the Philippines Q1 2023

Are you eyeing an iPhone after the craziness of Christmas? Well, we’re here to help. Here’s the price list of every official iPhone and iPad for 2023.

Apple’s currently has 25 iPhones and 36 iPads in its roster, including the company’s “budget” iPhone SE, midrange iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 mini, and current flagships iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

Meanwhile, the iPads have several models in its list including the iPad 9th and 10th gen, the iPad Mini, the iPad Air, and the new M2-equipped iPad Pro, which launched on October 2022.

Only the iPad and iPad Pro product line gained significant price increases, compared to Q3 2022 prices.

iPhone SE/iPhone 12 price

iPhone SE 364GBPhp 30,990
iPhone SE 3128GBPhp 33,990
iPhone SE 3256GBPhp 40,990
iPhone 1264GBPhp 42,990
iPhone 12128GBPhp 45,990
iPhone 12256GBPhp 52,990

iPhone 13 price

Phone 13 mini128GBPhp 42,990
iPhone 13 mini512GBPhp 61,990
iPhone 13128GBPhp 49,990
iPhone 13256GBPhp 56,990
iPhone 13512GBPhp 68,990

iPhone 14 price

iPhone 14128GBPhp 56,990
iPhone 14256GBPhp 63,990
iPhone 14512GBPhp 75,990
iPhone 14 Plus128GBPhp 63,990
iPhone 14 Plus256GBPhp 70,990
iPhone 14 Plus512GBPhp 82,990

iPhone 14 Pro price

iPhone 14 Pro128GBPhp 70,990
iPhone 14 Pro256GBPhp 77,990
iPhone 14 Pro512GBPhp 89,990
iPhone 14 Pro1TBPhp 102,990
iPhone 14 Pro Max128GBPhp 77,990
iPhone 14 Pro Max256GBPhp 84,990
iPhone 14 Pro Max512GBPhp 96,990
iPhone 14 Pro Max1TBPhp 109,990

iPad/iPad Mini price

iPad Mini WiFi 6th Gen64GBPhp 32,990
iPad Mini WiFi 6th Gen256GBPhp 42,990
iPad Mini WiFi+Cellular 6th Gen64GBPhp 42,990
iPad Mini WiFi+Cellular 6th Gen256GBPhp 52,990
iPad WiFi 9th Gen64GBPhp 21,990
iPad WiFi 9th Gen256GBPhp 31,990
iPad WiFi+Cellular 9th Gen64GBPhp 30,990
iPad WiFi+Cellular 9th Gen256GBPhp 40,990
iPad WiFi 10th Gen64GBPhp 29,990
iPad WiFi 10th Gen256GBPhp 39,990
iPad WiFi+Cellular 10th Gen64GBPhp 39,990
iPad WiFi+Cellular 10th Gen256GBPhp 49,990

iPad Air price

iPad Air WiFi 6th Gen64GBPhp 39,990
iPad Air WiFi 6th Gen256GBPhp 49,990
iPad Air WiFi+Cellular 6th Gen64GBPhp 49,990
iPad Air WiFi+Cellular 6th Gen256GBPhp 59,990

iPad Pro price

iPad Pro WiFi 11-inch M2128GBPhp 55,990
iPad Pro WiFi 11-inch M2256GBPhp 62,990
iPad Pro WiFi 11-inch M2512GBPhp 76,990
iPad Pro WiFi 11-inch M21TBPhp 104,990
iPad Pro WiFi 11-inch M22TBPhp 132,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 11-inch M2128GBPhp 65,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 11-inch M2256GBPhp 72,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 11-inch M2512GBPhp 86,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 11-inch M21TBPhp 114,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 11-inch M22TBPhp 142,990
iPad Pro WiFi 12.9-inch M2128GBPhp 75,990
iPad Pro WiFi 12.9-inch M2256GBPhp 82,990
iPad Pro WiFi 12.9-inch M2512GBPhp 96,990
iPad Pro WiFi 12.9-inch M21TBPhp 124,990
iPad Pro WiFi 12.9-inch M22TBPhp 152,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 12.9-inch M2128GBPhp 85,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 12.9-inch M2256GBPhp 92,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 12.9-inch M2512GBPhp 106,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 12.9-inch M21TBPhp 135,490
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 12.9-inch M22TBPhp 163,490

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