TCL doubles down on smart manufacturing commitments to facilitate high-end air conditioning

Global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics brand TCL announces the Phase I completion of TCL Wuhan Intelligent Industrial Park, doubling down on smart manufacturing to facilitate premium air conditioning production, with an annual manufacture capacity of over 6 million units.

The TCL Wuhan Intelligent Industrial Park for Air Conditioners is a three-phase project valued at $497 million. Within premises of up to 390,000 square meters, the Park comprises a full AC supply chain – R&D, smart manufacturing, and smart logistics – from where TCL’s high-end air conditioners are exported to over 160 markets around the world.

Sixty percent of the Park’s production automation is developed by TCL and the Park is digitally driven to wield the technology of AIoT, big data, and machine learning to raise operation efficiency, product quality, and lower its costs.

Apart from applying smart technologies, TCL also lays a sustainable foundation throughout the manufacturing process. The Park is significantly run by harnessing solar power, monitored by EMS (energy management system), and fed by a smart hydration system to ensure both energy consumption and carbon emission are kept at a sustainable level.

TCL has been building high-quality air-conditioning products for more than 20 years with an established global production network – 10 manufacturing bases spanning across China, Brazil, and Indonesia – with an overall capacity of more than 30 million units. TCL Air Conditioning models, such as Fresh Air 1.0, Gentle Cool, Elite, and Q-Series, have been available in many countries.

Not only TCL provides a refreshing air experience, but it’s Red Dot award-winning air conditioners also are well-designed fashionable pieces of furniture that subtly blends into your home décor.

In CES 2023, TCL introduced the second generation of TCL Fresh Air AC Technology. Unlike conventional AC that circulates air inside the house, TCL’s proprietary FreshIN+ fresh air system transports the fresh air from the outdoors to the indoors with a capacity of up to 60 cubic meters per hour thanks to its powerful air engine, which helps increase the oxygen and humidity levels.

With the latest upgrade, the TCL Fresh Air Technology is now taking your air quality to the next level. Its proprietary circulation technology not simply inhales fresh air from outdoors, but also exhales stale air from indoor – just like breathing.

Its built-in sensor detects the total volatile organic compounds TVOC in the air, and the detection results are presented in the “dynamic display of air quality” in real-time, on top of the already powerful fresh air functionalities. To know more about the availability of TCL Air Conditioners in your community, please contact your nearest TCL Office or reach out to us on TCL social media. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.

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