OPPO unveils latest flagship devices and smart innovations at MWC 2023

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OPPO is showcasing its latest range of flagship devices at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, Spain, as well as its latest innovations based on four Smart Initiatives — smart entertainment, smart productivity, smart health, and smart learning. Its goal is to provide enhanced, connected experiences and to strengthen its position as a company that opens up new possibilities for smart living.

OPPO’s flagship phone at the event is the OPPO Find N2 Flip, which is the company’s first vertically folding phone. The device has a 3.26-inch cover screen, a 50MP main camera, and a Hasselblad imaging system, making it a professional camera experience. It also has a 4,300mAh battery and 44W SUPERVOOC fast charging, making it the first flip phone to comfortably last a full day of typical use. The OPPO Find N2 Flip has become a major attraction at the OPPO booth and is expected to make the flip phone format the choice of more users around the world.

Visitors to the OPPO booth can also experience the latest OPPO flagship phones, such as the OPPO Find N2, and IoT products, including the OPPO Enco X2, OPPO Watch 3 Pro, OPPO Pad, and OPPO 45W Liquid Cooler.

OPPO unveils latest flagship devices and smart innovations at MWC 2023

Under the “smart productivity” initiative, OPPO has expanded its communication technology product portfolios with the OPPO Wi-Fi 6 Router AX5400, which is capable of providing a 2.4GHz+5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi signal, with wider coverage, enhanced stability, and faster speeds. The OPPO Zero-Power Tag is another prototype device that harvests radio waves from the surrounding area to power its own functionality and communicate battery-free, meeting the diverse needs of IoT in the coming 6G era.

OPPO is also showcasing its achievements across other Smart Initiatives, such as the MariSilicon Y, the new-generation, ultra-light AR glasses, the OPPO Air Glass 2, the OHealth H1 family health monitor concept device, and the SUPERVOOC S end-to-end power management chip.

OPPO unveils latest flagship devices and smart innovations at MWC 2023

Moreover, OPPO introduced the OHealth H1, a concept family health monitor device capable of monitoring the user’s heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels, and other health-related data. The device is equipped with OPPO’s proprietary health monitoring algorithm, enabling it to provide accurate and reliable readings.

Another impressive technology showcased by OPPO at MWC2023 is the MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC. The chip features a dedicated noise-cancellation unit that can reduce up to 40 dB of noise, providing a superior audio experience even in noisy environments. The MariSilicon Y also includes support for high-resolution audio, enabling users to enjoy their favorite music in stunning detail.

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Apart from its innovative products and technologies, OPPO has demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility. The company aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 and has implemented a range of initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. These initiatives include the use of renewable energy sources, the implementation of energy-efficient technologies, and the reduction of waste in its production processes.

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