Xbox PC Game Pass celebrates its one-year anniversary in Southeast Asia

Game Pass members in Asia have doubled over the last two years.

Xbox PC Game Pass recently celebrated its one-year anniversary in Southeast Asia (SEA) on April 19, 2023, and has since experienced remarkable growth in the region. The service was launched in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, and has attracted a growing number of gamers over the past two years.

According to the latest figures, Game Pass members in Asia have doubled over the last two years, with the most popular games in the SEA markets being Multiplayer Online Co-operative Games that are cross-platform. Grounded and Sea of Thieves are two of the most notable examples. Moreover, SEA Game Pass gamers have achieved over 12 million achievements, and the Philippines has the highest average number of hours played.

Xbox PC Game Pass has evolved continuously, offering players in the region better visuals, immersive storylines, and exciting gameplay. The service has seen the release of new games such as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Minecraft Legends. The recent partnership with Riot Games has also unlocked in-game content for PC Game Pass members playing Valorant and League of Legends.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of PC Game Pass, Xbox has also launched the Xbox Wireless Controllers in SEA, giving players new ways to play the latest PC Game Pass games. The controllers are being launched for the first time in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, with new colors in Thailand and Vietnam, expanding their accessories catalog. Players can now customize their gaming setup and adapt the controller to match their personal style.

Xbox is also committed to making gaming fun and accessible by providing gamers with a 14-day PC Game Pass trial through the Xbox Game Pass friend invitation for current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members. This trial comes with all the benefits of PC Game Pass, including Day One titles from Xbox Game Studios, hundreds of high-quality PC games, EA play membership, and more.

Jeremy Hinton, Asia Business Director at Xbox, expressed his gratitude to SEA players, saying, “We remain committed to improving your gaming experience here in the region and this is why we are so excited to bring in new accessories to the region and to continue making great games available with PC Game Pass. Beyond that, we are also committed to supporting local SEA developers through our ID@Xbox program. We want to empower gaming developers to create games that are local and unique to their culture.” is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.

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