LTO extends Driver’s License expiry dates due to plastic card shortage

You don’t have to renew your license during this time unless the LTO says otherwise.

If your driver’s license is expiring soon, you may not need to renew it right away. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced that driver’s licenses with expiry dates from April 24, 2023, and onwards are extended until October 31, 2023. This extension is due to the Department of Transportation (DOTr) still procuring Pre-printed Driver’s License cards.

What does this mean for you? You can still use your driver’s license even if it has an expiry date between April 24 and October 31. Since your driver’s licenses now have validity until October 31, 2023, it also means that you can renew them at any time during this period without paying for penalties of late renewal.

And in case you are caught violating traffic laws, LTO law enforcers and deputized agents will recognize the validity of your expired driver’s license.

It’s worth noting that the LTO has been issuing temporary driver’s licenses on paper since last month due to a shortage of plastic cards. The agency attributes this shortage to a botched department order in January that required all procurements worth over ₱50 million to go through the DOTr central office.

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In light of this shortage, some lawmakers have called for an investigation into the alleged irregularities in the procurement process of the license cards. But for now, drivers are advised to keep their driver’s licenses in good condition and follow traffic rules and regulations.

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