DICT warns online sellers of liability for peddling “already registered” SIM cards on Facebook Marketplace

Register your SIMs only through official links.

The Department of Communications and Information Technology (DICT) in Central Visayas issued a stern warning to online sellers using Facebook to peddle “already-registered” SIM cards.

DICT Regional Director Frederick Amores revealed that their office in Cebu had received reports concerning individuals engaging in the sale of SIM cards within the Facebook Marketplace.

Amores disclosed, “We heard reports that there are people who opted to buy already registered SIM cards. In fact, I have heard stories that it has become an underground business.” The director emphasized that those who choose to register the SIM cards under their own names must comprehend the accountability that accompanies ownership.

He stressed that registered owners of SIM cards implicated in illicit transactions and activities would inevitably face the risk of being held liable. Amores encouraged subscribers to purchase their SIM cards from legitimate stores, where sales staff can assist with the proper registration under the buyer’s name.

Republic Act No. 11934, commonly referred to as the SIM Card Registration Act, mandates the registration of all SIM cards prior to activation. The deadline for SIM registration was moved to July 25, 2023. Register your SIMs only through these official links:

For information about the SIM Registration Act, you can read about it here. For details on how to register your SIM cards (including for PLDT Home and Smart Bro WiFi users), you can read our post here.

All unregistered SIM cards after the deadline will be deactivated. Here’s a rundown of what happens if you fail to register your SIM card.

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