PLDT restores internet speed after submarine cable glitch

The telco added bandwidth capacity to restore the browsing speed of its customers.

PLDT customers can now enjoy faster internet browsing after the telco fixed a problem with one of its submarine cable partners on Tuesday.

On Monday, many users reported slow internet connectivity and difficulty accessing Google, Gmail, and YouTube. PLDT said the issue was caused by a loss in some of its internet bandwidth capacity due to a submarine cable glitch.

The telco said it has added bandwidth capacity to restore the browsing speed of its customers. “Our submarine cable partner confirms supplementing additional capacity, restoring browser experience,” PLDT said in an advisory on June 6.

The company also advised its customers to restart their routers to refresh their connection. “Please refresh your connection by restarting your router,” it said.

According to, complaints about these services have decreased significantly, coinciding with PLDT’s resolution of its submarine cable problem.

PLDT as of 06 June 2023

PLDT has been investing in more strategic international subsea cables to boost its internet capacity. The telco said earlier this year that it aimed to reach the Petabit level (1,000 Terabits) in the next five years.

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