Twitter rival Threads is coming soon on the App Store, available for download on July 6

The app also briefly appeared on the Play Store.

After briefly appearing on the Play Store, Meta’s Twitter rival Threads is now on the App Store. The app is currently tagged as “coming soon” but it will be available for download on July 6, 10 PM Philippine time.

Threads is connected to Instagram, described as “Instagram’s text-based conversation app” and will allow users to follow and interact with their favorite creators and others who share their interests.

It will look similar to Twitter, with messages that can be liked, replied to, or reposted by other users. Users will also be able to keep their Instagram username and follow the same accounts on Threads.

Meta’s move comes at a time when Twitter is facing backlash from its users and advertisers. The social network, which was bought by Elon Musk last year, has undergone several changes that have altered its core features and policies.

Musk has tweaked Twitter’s algorithm that decides which posts are most visible, scrapped content moderation rules that ban certain kinds of tweets, and revamped a verification process that confirms the identities of users. He has also imposed limits on how many tweets users can read per day, citing data scraping issues. Users who want to access more tweets have to pay for a subscription service called Twitter Blue, which also grants them a blue check mark.

Many Twitter users have expressed frustration and anger over these changes, calling them self-destructive and anti-consumer. Some have even referred to Threads as a “Twitter killer” because of the expectation that many people will migrate away from Twitter in favor of the new app.

Meta’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has long wanted to dislodge Twitter and provide the central place for public conversation online. Yet Twitter has remained stubbornly irreplaceable.

That hasn’t stopped Zuckerberg from trying. Meta’s executives have discussed how to capitalize on the chaos at Twitter since last year, including by building a rival service.

Meta has also teased the app by introducing cheat codes on Instagram that allow people to sign up for a download ahead of time. The cheat codes are “Thread” or “Threads,” which users can enter into the search box on Instagram. A red “Admit One” ticket will then appear on the screen and lead them to a website with a countdown clock and a QR code for the app.

Instagram Threads Cheat Code
This is what you’ll see if you enter Thread or Threads on Instagram’s search

Meta hopes that Threads will attract users who are looking for a more engaging and diverse platform for online discussions. The app will also offer an opportunity for creators to monetize their content and build their audience.

Meta’s Threads is coming soon on the App Store. Will you give it a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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