Cebu City partners with PLDT Enterprise to provide free Wi-Fi to 50 barangays

A step closer to becoming a smart city like Singapore.

Cebu City has taken a step closer to becoming a smart city like Singapore, thanks to a partnership with PLDT Enterprise, the corporate business arm of the leading integrated telecommunications and digital services provider in the Philippines.

The local government unit (LGU) of Cebu City and PLDT Enterprise has signed an agreement to provide advanced digital solutions and reliable connectivity to the city’s constituents and businesses. The initial phase of the project will involve the rollout of free, unlimited public Wi-Fi in 50 barangays, covering key areas such as barangay halls, gyms, and public spaces.

The Wi-Fi access points will be powered by fiber broadband internet access with a robust bandwidth of 100mbps, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted connection for users. A cloud-managed access point will also be installed to monitor real-time alerts and performance.

By enabling easy access to information and essential services through wireless internet, the LGU aims to enhance the delivery of public services, facilitate learning and information technology, and promote competitiveness among barangays. It will also support the city’s tourism objectives by providing internet access to visitors. Last year, Cebu City ranked first in tourist arrivals among all LGUs in Cebu, with 1,063,503 tourists.

PLDT Enterprise also played a pivotal role in powering the People’s State of the City Address, as the official connectivity sponsor of the event, bringing together the community virtually to engage and connect with the local government.

This latest partnership is another testament to PLDT Enterprise’s commitment to digitalize different localities, especially those in far-flung areas, in support of nation-building and economic growth.

The City Government of Cebu has set plans for expanding connectivity to the remaining 30 barangays located in mountainous areas to further extend and ensure reliable connection across the entire city.

PLDT Enterprise continues to work hand in hand with LGUs like Cebu City to foster innovation, improve government services, and create smarter and more connected communities. This partnership has taken significant strides in supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by promoting digital inclusion and empowering citizens with greater and equal digital opportunities through connectivity. Together, PLDT Enterprise and Cebu City are driving positive change, bridging the digital divide, and building a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

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