How long does it take for an average Filipino to buy an iPhone 15 Pro?

iPhone 15 Pro: A dream or a reality for Filipinos?

The iPhone 15 Pro is one of the most coveted smartphones in the world, but how long does it take for an average Filipino to afford one?

According to a report by, an average Filipino has to work 79.5 days in order to buy the iPhone 15 Pro 128GB, which costs  ₱70,990 in the Philippines.

This is 11.4 days less than 2022 when the same model required 90.9 days of work. The report attributed this improvement to the increase in the average monthly salary in the Philippines to ₱18,744.39 net.

However, the Philippines still ranks as the second-worst country in terms of affordability of the iPhone 15 Pro among the 50 countries surveyed by Only Turkey fares worse, with an average worker needing 123.7 days of work to buy the device.

On the other hand, citizens of Switzerland can earn enough money for the newest iPhone in the shortest amount of time — just 4.2 days of work. Other countries that have high affordability of the iPhone 15 Pro include the United States (5.3), Australia (6.3), Singapore (6.7), South Korea (10.1), and Hong Kong (10.8).

The report by was based on the official prices of the iPhone 15 Pro 128GB and the average salaries in each country at the time of the device’s launch. The report assumed that a person spends their entire salary on buying the iPhone and does not incur any other expenses.'s iPhone Index 2023

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