Filipinos need to work almost 500 hours to afford an iPhone 15, says study

Would you buy an iPhone 15 if you had to work for months to afford it?

The iPhone 15 is the latest flagship smartphone from Apple, boasting a sleek new design, a powerful processor, a stunning display, and improved cameras. But how affordable is it for consumers around the world?

A report by CleverFixes revealed the iPhone 15 Affordability Index, which measures how many hours of work it takes to buy an iPhone 15 in different countries. The results show that the Philippines ranks second worst among the countries included in the research, with Filipino consumers needing to work approximately 499.45 hours (or 62 working days) to afford an iPhone 15. For the more expensive iPhone 15 Pro, it stretches to 622.14 hours (or about 78 working days).

Cost of an iPhone 15 compared

The iPhone 15 Affordability Index compares the prices of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max from each country’s Apple website and the average salaries of the different countries from Numbeo and several official statistics office websites. All calculations assume an 8-hour work day.

According to the study, the Philippines has one of the highest prices for the iPhone 15 devices in the world (second only to Türkiye). The base model of the iPhone 15 costs PHP 56,990 (USD 1,000), while the premium iPhone 15 Pro Max costs PHP 84,990 (USD 1,500). These are significantly higher than the US prices, which are USD 799 and USD 1,199, respectively.

The high prices of the iPhone 15 devices in the Philippines are partly due to the high import taxes and duties imposed by the government. It is also affected by other factors, such as the pricing strategies of Apple resellers and the country’s average income levels.

Top 5 Countries Where iPhone 15 Models Are Least Affordable

CountryWork Hours Needed to Afford
iPhone 15 (128GB)iPhone 15 Plus (128GB)iPhone 15 Pro (128GB)iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB)

The Philippines is not alone in having a low affordability index for the iPhone 15 devices. Other countries that have similar or worse results are Türkiye, Brazil, Mexico, and India. Türkiye tops the list as the country with the longest working hours required to buy an iPhone 15, with Turks needing to work approximately 758.77 hours (or about 95 working days) for the base model.

In contrast, Switzerland has the shortest work hours needed to afford the latest iPhones. Swiss citizens need to work around 26.24 hours (or approximately 3 full 8-hour working days) to buy an iPhone 15 and about 40.15 hours (or around 5 working days) for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. They are joined by the United States with 30.01 hours and 45.03 hours, and Singapore with 42.41 hours and 65.26 hours, respectively.

Top 5 Countries Where iPhone 15 Models Are Most Affordable

CountryWork Hours Needed to Afford
iPhone 15 (128GB)iPhone 15 Plus (128GB)iPhone 15 Pro (128GB)iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB)
United States30.0133.7637.5245.03
United Arab Emirates (UAE)42.9147.9654.2764.37

The effort to buy an iPhone 15

The study echoes a similar report that states the average Filipino has to work 79.5 days in order to buy the iPhone 15 Pro 128GB.

This analysis sheds light on the cost and effort needed to acquire the newest iPhone model, not just in the Philippines, but in other places around the world. It adds an extra layer of understanding about the global relationship with technology.

It also raises questions about whether the iPhone 15 devices are worth their price tags, especially for consumers in developing countries where smartphones are not only a luxury but also a necessity for communication, education, and entertainment.

What do you think? Would you buy an iPhone 15 if you had to work for months to afford it?

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