iPhone 15 Pro plagued by overheating issue, analyst says it’s because of thermal design

The hottest iPhone ever.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, Apple’s latest flagships, have been facing a serious overheating issue that affects their performance and comfort. But according to a report by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the problem is not caused by the new 3nm A17 Pro chip, but by the compromises made in the thermal system design of the devices.

Kuo said that Apple reduced the heat dissipation area and used a titanium frame for the iPhone 15 Pro models, which lowers their thermal efficiency.

He also said that Apple is expected to address the overheating issue in a software update, but he cautions that “improvements may be limited unless Apple lowers processor performance”. This means that Apple may have to sacrifice some of the speed and power of the iPhone 15 Pro models in order to keep them cool.

The overheating issue has been widely reported by users and reviewers on social media and online forums. Some users said that their iPhone 15 Pro devices get too hot to hold, even when charging or performing basic tasks.

However, some users and reviewers said that they did not experience overheating with their iPhone 15 Pros.

iPhone 15 Pro Thermal Design

Apple has not commented on the overheating issue, and it is unclear if the company will release any software optimizations in future iOS updates.

The overheating issue is a major setback for Apple. The iPhone 15 Pro models are supposed to be the best iPhones ever, but they may end up being the hottest ones too.

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