Smart offers unlimited 5G, calls, texts, and Netflix for only ₱999 per month

The plan comes with a complimentary Netflix Mobile Plan subscription.

Smart unveils its SIM-Only Signature Plans+ 999, the only postpaid plan in the market today that offers Unli 5G, Uli All-Net Calls, Unli All-Net Landline Calls, Unli All-Net Texts, and 20GB open access data for as low as ₱999 per month.

The SIM-Only Signature Plans+ 999 also comes with a complimentary Netflix Mobile Plan subscription for unlimited entertainment.

What makes this offer even more convenient is that you can now get your Smart Postpaid on eSIM anytime, anywhere.

You just need to sign up for a new Smart SIM-Only Signature Plans+ 999 via the Smart Online Store and have your new eSIM sent to your email.

Upon receiving your Smart Postpaid eSIM via email, you simply have to scan their unique QR code using your eSIM compatible smartphone to activate it and enjoy all its unlimited inclusions on the go.

In addition, you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues because Smart eSIM works on any device that supports eSIM technology. You can also switch between your physical SIM and eSIM easily using your phone settings.

Smart Postpaid is powered by the Philippines’ Fastest and Best Mobile network as recognized by Ookla, the global leader in mobile and broadband network intelligence.

Smart is the first and only Philippine mobile operator to win Ookla’s Fastest and Best Mobile Network awards for three consecutive reporting periods starting Q1-Q2 2022, then Q3-Q4 2022, and most recently in Q1-Q2 2023.

With Smart Postpaid, you can unleash the power of Smart 5G, which lets you upload and download heavy work files in seconds, work from anywhere, enjoy crystal-clear video calls with loved ones and friends, share content on social media in an instant, stream Netflix shows and movies, enjoy lag-free gaming and more.

To learn more about Signature Plans+, visit Smart’s official website or watch this video.

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