Xiaomi blocks HyperOS updates for devices with unlocked bootloaders

If you own a Xiaomi device with an unlocked bootloader, you might not be able to receive HyperOS updates anymore. According to Android Authority, Xiaomi has confirmed that it is blocking devices with unlocked bootloaders from receiving HyperOS updates.

HyperOS is Xiaomi’s custom Android skin that offers a range of features and optimizations for its devices. However, some users prefer to unlock their bootloaders, which allows them to install custom ROMs or modify their system settings.

Xiaomi says that it is doing this to protect the device’s security, avoid data leakage, and provide users with a more secure and stable user experience. In a statement to Android Authority, the company said that bootloader unlocking will be disabled by default on Xiaomi HyperOS.

However, Xiaomi also said that users who want to unlock their bootloaders can apply for permission via its forum. The company did not specify how long the approval process would take or what criteria it would use to grant or deny requests.

This move by Xiaomi might disappoint some of its fans who value the freedom and flexibility of unlocking their bootloaders. On the other hand, it might also reassure some users who are concerned about the security and stability of their devices.

Xiaomi unveiled HyperOS in October. It is expected to eventually take over from its old MIUI software.

HyperOS is a combination of Android and Xiaomi’s Vela system, which is built to support its wide range of devices and applications in 200 categories, such as smart home products, cars, and more. It aims to achieve four main objectives: Low-level Refactoring, Cross-End Intelligent Connectivity, Proactive Intelligence, and End-to-End Security.

Recently, the first Xiaomi devices to receive the new operating system was revealed.

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