HarmonyOS Next only for Chinese Huawei phones; EMUI to stay and support Android apps for global devices

Huawei recently announced its latest operating system, HarmonyOS Next, which will power the company’s smart devices. However, it was revealed that the upcoming OS is not coming to global devices.

According to a report from CNMO, HarmonyOS Next is only for Chinese Huawei phones, at least for now. Global devices will continue on with EMUI.

Huawei also clarified that EMUI will continue to support Android APKs, which means that users can still install and use Android apps on their Huawei phones. While HarmonyOS Next will only support Huawei’s HAP format.

The company has also assured that EMUI will continue to receive regular updates and security patches and that it will offer a similar user experience as HarmonyOS Next.

HarmonyOS Next is Huawei’s operating system designed to run on multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and smart TVs. It is based on Huawei’s OpenHarmony, which company claims has better performance, security, and compatibility than Android.

Huawei’s decision to keep EMUI for global devices could be seen as a way to avoid further complications with the US sanctions, which have prevented Huawei from using Google services and apps on its phones.

By sticking with EMUI, Huawei can still offer some compatibility with Android, and avoid losing more market share in the global smartphone market.

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