Huawei launches Wi-Fi 7 product and other solutions to boost digital transformation in the Philippines

Huawei Philippines unveiled its latest Wi-Fi 7 product and other innovative solutions at the Huawei Philippines IP Club 2023, an event that showcases the company’s vision and commitment to accelerate digital transformation in various industries.

The event, held in Makati City, featured Hacken Li, the Chief Technology Officer of Huawei Datacom Product Line, as the keynote speaker. Li introduced the Huawei AirEngine 8771-X1T, the industry’s first enterprise flagship Wi-Fi 7 access point, which supports the new 6 GHz frequency band, increasing the frequency bandwidth from 160 MHz to 320 MHz.

Huawei PH's Hacken Li
Hacken Li, Chief Technology Officer of Huawei Datacom Product Line

Li explained that Wi-Fi 7 is the next-generation wireless technology that offers faster and more reliable data transfer, lower latency, and better performance in high-density scenarios. He said that Wi-Fi 7 is the future-oriented technology that Huawei has invested in, making it the first vendor to provide enterprises with the Wi-Fi 7 access point in the market.

“The main difference between Wi-Fi 7 from Wi-Fi 6 is the new spectrum, providing faster and more reliable data transfer. And, more beautiful and more energy efficient,” Li said. He added that Wi-Fi 7 can enable seamless online learning experiences, facilitate real-time collaboration, bolster government operations, and enable control and optimization of processes for businesses.

Li also shared Huawei’s other solutions that aim to improve the internet connectivity experience, such as Wi-Fi 7-based 10G campuses, cloud network convergence transport, and AI data center networks. These solutions are designed to help Philippine enterprises, government, and educational institutions to improve the efficiency of digital transformation.

“The network is the cornerstone of digital transformation. If you want to be more efficient in digital transformation, the first thing you need is a very strong and reliable digital infrastructure — networks, servers. Huawei would like to offer the best solution to Philippine enterprises, government, and educational institutions to help them improve the efficiency of digital transformation,” Li said.

Huawei also announced that it won the “Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network 2023” Award at the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) Industry Awards 2023 for its field-proven high-quality AirEngine Wi-Fi 7 Network Solution.

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