Top 5 PC vendors in the Philippines: Industry suffered 24.2% drop in 2023

IDC forecasts show the industry will rebound in 2024.

The Philippine PC market faced a significant downturn in the Philippines. According to the latest report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), the PC industry had a 24.2% year-on-year decline in shipments for 2023.

Despite a hopeful 10.5% increase in the fourth quarter, the overall performance was dampened by a saturated market and cautious vendor inventory management.

The Acer Group leads the pack among the top five PC brands in the Philippines, boasting 501 million shipments and capturing a 26.5% market share. Lenovo follows with 408 million shipments, securing a 21.5% slice of the market. HP, ASUS, and Dell round out the list with 243, 194, and 145 million shipments, respectively.

IDC's Top 5 PC Vendors in the Philippines
From IDC: Top 5 PC Vendors in thje Philippines

Roben Dispo, Associate Research Analyst at IDC Philippines, notes that the first half of 2023 was marked by low demand and procurement challenges within the government sector. However, a resurgence was observed in the latter half of the year. Conversely, the private sector’s cautious approach mirrored a broader decline in consumer demand and household spending.

Despite the overall market contraction, HP and Lenovo saw growth in the commercial segment. Acer, however, remained steadfast at the top, buoyed by unwavering consumer demand.

The IDC forecasts the industry will rebound in shipments by 26.5% for 2024, driven primarily by the education sector, powered by the over 490,000 laptops for the Department of Education’s Computerization Program (DCP).

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