Hit K-drama “Queen of Tears” embraces AI for breathtaking visuals

The hit K-drama series Queen of Tears incorporated generative AI technology to create stunning backgrounds that were difficult to find or shoot in real life.

As seen in this YouTube video from Reuters, the show’s producers used AI to create hyper-realistic backgrounds for scenes that would have been impossible to achieve through traditional methods. One such scene is a snow-covered forest with a complex structure of trees. According to one producer, the feat would have been extremely challenging to create, if not impossible, for traditional set designers.

Queen of Tears
The AI-generated forest was projected on a large curved LED screen.

The scenes were filmed at CJ ENM’s virtual production stage where they several LED displays, including a large curved LED screen. This replaced the industry-standard green screen technique, where the backgrounds were added after shooting.

A virtual environment offers several advantages. First, production is done inside a studio, as opposed to shooting outdoors in location. The actors also give better performances, as they can react to a scene they see before them.

Virtual backgrounds also allow for more realistic lighting and reflections. Take this car scene (below), for instance. It was filmed with a virtual background displays which showed genuine reflections on the car’s exterior, an effect that would be difficult to achieve using traditional methods.

The technology isn’t new. The same setup was used in several high profile productions, such as in Disney+’s The Mandalorian and Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series.

Queen of Tears is now streaming on Netflix. It stars Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won. The drama is positioned to be a must-watch romance for 2024.

YouTube video

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