DICT wants internet access for 60% of Filipinos by 2028

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has set its sights on an ambitious goal — to give internet access to 60% of Filipino households by 2028, a substantial increase from the current 44% reported by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

This target will be spearheaded by the National Broadband Plan 2.0 (NBP 2.0). Maria Victoria Castro, Director for the National ICT Planning, Policy, and Standards Bureau, explained during a regional stakeholders’ consultation that NBP 2.0 will act as a blueprint for deploying fiber optic cables and wireless technologies.

NBP 2.0 focuses on collaboration. The DICT is actively identifying areas where the government and private sector can work together. This partnership will involve upgrading and expanding digital connectivity, ultimately promoting investments in the telecommunications industry.

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are also being emphasized. This approach is expected to bolster the country’s investment capacity in digital infrastructure.

To achieve their goals, the DICT has been conducting nationwide consultations from various sectors, including government agencies, local government units, the private sector, and even students. Discussions revolve around achieving meaningful connectivity, improving digital infrastructure governance, and fostering stronger collaboration for investments in the country’s digital landscape.

The initiative has already seen progress in the Bicol Region. A total of 2,225 free Wi-Fi for All units have been installed across 830 locations.

DICT’s efforts hold the potential to bridge the digital divide in the Philippines. Increased internet access can unlock opportunities for Filipinos, boosting education, economic growth, and improved communication nationwide.

Source: PNA
Image: Unsplash

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