DICT prefers regulation rather than banning TikTok and other social media apps

This is in response to a proposed bill that seeks to ban TikTok and 'foreign adversary' apps.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) proposes regulation instead of an outright ban on social media platforms like TikTok, following a proposed bill in the House of Representatives.

Undersecretary Jeffrey Ian Dy emphasized the DICT’s preference for a more comprehensive approach during the public briefing for the National Cybersecurity Plan 2023-2028. This would involve monitoring and regulating all social media apps and websites, encompassing online shopping platforms and messaging apps as well.

The proposed House Bill 10489, authored by Manila Representative Bienvenido Abante Jr., seeks to prohibit applications controlled by “foreign adversaries” within the Philippines. The bill empowers the President to designate a foreign country as an adversary based on their threat to national security and territorial integrity.

Abante expressed concerns over data collection practices by TikTok, which is owned by the China-based ByteDance. He fears this could allow the Chinese government to influence Philippine public opinion. Those found in violation face significant penalties and fines.

This proposed legislation comes on the heels of a similar situation in the US, where a law was passed in April requiring ByteDance to either sell TikTok to a US firm or face a ban.

Meanwhile, DICT’s push for regulation coincides with the growing concern about major social media platforms being used for criminal activity. Dy mentioned Telegram, linked to leaks of stolen government database information, and Facebook which reportedly hosts pages facilitating the sale of children.

Source: GMA News Online
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