1. ChescaKramer

    Thanks for the article. Netflix app (or Hulu, or BBC, etc) is great on iPad. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix (or Hulu, or BBC, etc) on your iPhone.

  2. Everyone loves Apple Ipad. No wonder, because Ipad tablet has been tested throughout the years. This Ipad2 is another proof of their excellence in this field. For sure gadget users will also appreciate this new tablet from Apple. If only I have money now I will purchase one because I am really dreaming on it.

  3. Botsok

    Mr. TB

    Please dont be so harsh with Apple products…
    in case you forgot, the iPad changed the game
    of mobile computing…

    making Known Mobile Companies run for their asses
    and go back to the drawing board to create a tablet
    that would compete against this product…

    i wouldnt blame you if that is your perception about this
    gadget but just to remind you that…

    Apple changed the trend of Gadget seekers
    across the world…

    i must say that iOS is still ahead of Android in terms
    of innovation…

    Android is just taking the idea of Apple
    and improving them to show that they are much better
    Only thing i love about Android is that it is an
    Opensource OS…

    • Hi Botsok. I’m not being harsh. In fact in this review I recommended the iPad 2 over other tablets 🙂 I had this in my conclusion:

      There may be Android alternatives to consider but they are not as good as the iPad 2.  At least not yet.  And when you take into account the apps that are natively supported by the iPad 2, there is no other tablet worthy to take the place of the iPad 2 as a market-leading device.

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