1. Roncan2008

     hindi maganda ang cherry mobile superion, defective ang product di nila palitan ng bago,yung nabili namin nung december, kusa na lang namamatay at di na sumisindi, 2x na bumalik sa service center nila at  hanggang ngayon naroon pa, paano na pag tapos na ang warranty, e di magbabayad ka na para marepair ang defective na product nila? nakakapagsisi…

  2. alwe17

    sir ! you might want to add to the list the . . 

    ARCHOS 70 IT 250gb(the capacitive one, i saw some with resistive screen having lower specs) for me having the 250gb memory space is really convenient since i’m a movie, picture, music and ebook junkieand ARCHOS 7c (with the “c” as it is using a capacitive screen, and has higher specs compared to the Archos 7 HT) although having the usual 16gb internal with expandable 32gb mem, it is for those in really tight budget since it is way cheaper than the cherry mobile superion and galaxy tab(at half the price)

    the Archos 70 IT 250gb is priced at around : PHP 16k . . . while . . 
    the Archos7c is priced around : PHP 9k

    after waiting for a computer store in my area to have the Archos 70 250gb, i finally saw the two recently at a BCG store in SM bacolod

  3. Gregg Victor Gabison

    Got 3 of this for our Android Development. Device is ok. You would even be surprised how responsive it is, despite is mediocre processor. Battery life is also ok. But what is not good about this device is that its a bit choosy for its microSD drive. Compared to our Samsung galaxy spica, Galaxy S, Archos Tablets, this one does not accept non branded SD cards. Even the ones supplied for free is not compatible, complained to Cherry mobile about it, but so far up until they haven’t acted on it, just promises. Also the service of Cherry mobile sucks. One of the unit just suddenly wouldn’t charge, so we returned it to the retailer and got back the unit after 2 weeks. But whooolaa, still the unit wouldn’t turn on despite being firmware flashed (that’s what they said).. But to make the story short, after sending back and forth the unit for so mannnnyyyy, mannnny times, it was only found out that the battery was defective, but can’t claim warranty coz they said, its only good for 3 months.. Whattha …. Well, they never told us about it, even the receipt would tell us that its one year warranty.. Well, that’s how lame their service is..

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