1. Ric1014

    Please don’t mislead people as the 17,000 pesos Galaxy S you’re putting on sale is different from the original Galaxy S worth 30,000 pesos. Please check your info for both models as they’re different from each other. Sell with truth, so you will sell more.

    • 2toyzki

      it is 17k. research before u open your stinky mouth. the one on sale is the super clear lcd variant which is Galaxy I9003 which is a lot cheaper than the super AMOLED variant na tinutukoy mo.

  2. fred

    actually its not just the lcd which differs the amoled from the super clear lcd version. The SL also uses an inferior sgx 530 graphics while the superamoled jas the faster sgx 540. Super amoled has the hummingbird chipset while the sl version has the TI OMAP 360 chipset.

    • technobaboy

      if you use memory heavy apps, that difference in speed is important. anyone who has had experience using both versions? maganda kung may makapagsabi if the difference in speed is noticeable

  3. Biggs

    Mga paps!!! Misleading yang ad na yan, ampotah! Kaggagaling ko lang sa Samsung store sa Ali Mall at yung Galaxy SL (Super LCD) ang sale at DEHINS yung Super AMOLED version! Subalit hindi ito naka-indicate sa ad nila, ampotah tsong!!!

    • technobaboy

      thanks for the heads up. though at 17,990, pwede na rin since other specs are almost the same. screen lang main difference. its still 2k off from the SLCD price. although i think it’s the AMOLED logo at the galaxy S picture on the ad. misleading nga.

    • Jojitberina

      sna naman basahin mabuti ng iba yung ad kc nakikita ko yung nkasulat its clear lcd not amoled….. fyi lng po they both have the same logo but differ in the wordings…. i already had them both kaya alam ko. the difference in specs doesnt matter. You’ll see the difference of both when you use it. The older version is slower when memory used already acumilates half of memory capacity but the AMOLED edition still works fine, and bisides that fact, amoled really has a much satisfying screen than that of the super lcd.

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