1. Elvis Tugot

    hi…pwede bng mlman kng m promo nga kau buy 1 take 1 tablet  kng saan un para mkpunta..ska kng magkanu thank you…

  2. VernonSalarda

    anu bayan nong december kupa pina-ayos ang cluodefone ko sa globe telecom branch valencia, bukidnon. hanggang ngayun hindi parin tapos. nung unang punta ko sabi 30 days pagbalik ko 45 days ulit tapos sabing mag txt lang daw cla. hangang kailan pa kaya ako mahihintay. binabayaran ku naman ang buwanang paln ko sa globe. sana mabigyan ng aksyun ang reklamo kung ito baka matapos nalang bayaran ang plan ko wala paren ang clofone kode

    • GalaxyYuser

      mas maganda kung bibili k nlang ng Cherry Mobile Flare… or anything… pero kung mapiilit ka.. Galaxy Y kasi 800mHz ang CPU… pero lag pa din

  3. pauline montoya

    Hindi ko maunlock etong cloudfone unit ko. Pano bas ggwin ko. Nakakainis nman kung gusto kng mglaro ng games hindi ko maopen open.pano ggwin ko?

  4. Hanna_racelle

    pano po ba ma-activate ung dual sim ng cloudfone thrill?? one sim lang ang gumagana.. ung 2nd slot ng sim ayaw gumana…

  5. Samfabro23

    Cloudfone ice+turbo android ver2.3.5 the best, smooth animation hindi nag hahung. at a very affordable price, imagine a 3,000 pesos compared to a 40k iphone w/c is the functionality is comparable. 

  6. misha

    i’m planning to get a plan, can somebody tell me w/c is more worthy to have ; cloudfone ice, galaxy y , cloudfone temptation, blackberry curve 9220 or lg optimus ME ?? so confused ….

    • Dyvb

      as for me its better to get a cloudfone ice kasi android na maganda pa ang specs and also im an agent ng globe actually i got my own plan in globe with my officemate yung family combo kasi 3 lines agad un

  7. Jearl

    I want to Instagram on Cloudfone Ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not working at all though naka download nmn ako :(((9

  8. qrus

    nasa gumagamit naman siuro kung madaling masira tng unit na to diba…

    pano pala if nag hahang may solution ba ??want to buy one eh..

  9. misUnderstood

    which one is much more better blackberry curve 9220 or this cloudfone ice? dunno kse which one to get eh.. +639163978826

    • Anton Boromeo

      maganda ang BB 9220 yan ang phone ko ngayon kaya lang ang init ng unit. pag nag surf ka napaka init ng phone tapos madaling mag lobat. kahit mag music ka habang tumatagal painit ng painit ang phone. piro pag call napaka stable nya kahit isang oras d sya umiinit.

  10. john michael

    its my first time time to have this… i only ask how to use my own sim is this android cloudfone.. when i insert my sim pass 10sec its automatically shutdown… can u help me… please!

  11. Romer Imperial

    maganda ang surfing service nia, facebook, twitter, youtube,, but in terms of playing games,, it sucks,,.. 

  12. VIRIEL_1206

    cloudfone specs is good the only problem is when it get trouble.where your gonna go for the repair of this?..is there any service center here?.like what i have experience to my VERZIO handset before.

  13. Emanfiedalan

    sirain po mga cloudfone device napaka fragile. i know coz im an employee of a telco na nagbebenta nito ang daming mga return for repair don not buy this piece of wood

  14. Bernadettefer

    Bought cloudfone in Manila; Unable to use in California? Is there a Customer Service Cloudfone to ask questions?

  15. Sjc_arwenaj

    want that cloudfone @ globe for 499, is that fone ok? i mean the specs are nice.. am not that techy kc i just settle for a c3 fone ryt now..

  16. if you’re into gps, this is better than those galaxy etc…. messaging, browsing, they’re almost the same when it comes to speed. the only drawback is the battery life which is 24hrs for a full charge. but with the gps, sync, and other applications off, it can stand up to 36 hrs. close to what globe claim which is 2 days.

  17. Me

    It’s better to choose the Galaxy Y than this. I mean, it’s running on Eclair for crying out loud. That’s an outdated Android OS.

  18. Whoa! This made me more confused:|. With my P5000 budget, 
    I want to buy an Android handset and i am thinking to buy
    that of Cherry Mobile. Can someone who already bought one
    share to me how efficient this phone is so that i can decide
    what brand to choose? Thanks…

    • Mae

      just add P700 to your 5k and you’ll be able to buy a samsung android phone.. that’s samsung galaxy Y.. it is sold at P5700 at link plus..

      • DHDH

         Do not buy at LinkPlus, they sell second hand units which they claim as bnew specially iPhones, and masungit mga tao dun if may complain ka, mumurahin kpa.

  19. Botsok

    Is the cloudfone better than locally produced Android handsets?
    such as Cherry Mobile, Torque and myPhone?

    for a 5k budget im thinking twice of buying this item
    i know for a fact that there might be a drawback for that…

    • we know that cloufone is made by huawei. at least we know the company is capable of making decent handsets. as to locally branded phones, they are also from china from what i know. but i have no idea which companies make them. 

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