1. Elbert Joseph Layco

    patent is when you invented something, not combining things like what Apple is doing. they made sure that they file their patents with generic words possible to cover most product line.

  2. Japong19

    And because of this,  fewer people now have the right to own a smart phone! ano to discrimination?? mayayaman at mapera lang ang may karapatan na magkaron ng smartphone?? Insecure lang ang apple kasi kayang mabenta sa market ang technology nila na mas pinaganda at pinamura pa ng samsung, to hell with APPLE!

  3. The patent is there for a reason. If I invented something and someone copied it then became my biggest competitor, I too will be pissed. Thought the thing with rectangles with rounded corners are a bit mediocre to me. Almost any brand has one.

    But Samsung is also right, we should have choices. Cheaper ones at that. 

    PS I’m not an Apple nor a Samsung smartphone owner. HTC baby! 🙂 

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