1. RhamseyLeccionesMalalis

    @kilay50 ElpidioNuvalJr can i have ur number po? im planning to get fibr.. and the agent is asking me some pldt fibr existing tel no.

  2. Theo

    ” The technology could get cheaper in the future but for now, it’s for businesses and for posh homes” – this is for businesses din po? Is the pricing the same for businesses? And what are the specific areas where this is deployed? so that we can locate our second office in that area.  Thanks po.

  3. kilay50

    ElpidioNuvalJr  selected areas plng po sya. part of laguna, cavite meron po. dito sa amin meron po sa Santa Rosa Heights.

  4. silmer

    Why so expensive in the Philippines. In the UK you can get a similar , TV, landline, and 50 mps broadband for less than 1,500 p.m.

  5. ElpidioNuvalJr

    is it possible to have the fibr optic lines even here in the remote areas he re at ilocos sur? i want a clarification for these if this will work intire the philippines….. if possible we urgent to subscribes for this kind of promos…… txbak

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